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This page summarises some of the key tasks that you may wish to complete when working with the Web Catalogue website.

Your account






Your account

Where can I review my account details?

Account settings can be viewed by selecting Account settings from the Your account drop-down menu (at the top of the page). The Your account drop-down menu is available throughout the website.

Can I change my account details?

Users with appropriate permissions can change their account details via Account settings or the Your account pages. For users without account-change permissions, Account settings are read-only (if a change is required, please contact customer services to log a change request).

How can I review orders that I have placed?

To see all orders that have been placed, select the Order history option from the Your account menu, which is available at the top of the page throughout the website.


What types of product might I find?

The product list may include items which are:

  • Stocked. These are items which are physically held in stock, ready for immediate dispatch once an order is placed. These items cannot be customised.
  • Print on demand. These are items which are only printed when an order is placed. These items are not physically held in stock and cannot be customised.
  • Web to print. These are items which can be customised by users and then printed to order.

How do I find products?

All products can be browsed in the product list. Here, products are categorised by top-level categories and then by sub categories. Alternatively, use search options to locate specific products (or groups of products) from the list.

Where can I view more detailed information about a product?

Having selected an item from the product list, detailed product information is displayed on a product page.

What happens when I add a product to my basket?

Adding items to your Basket does not reserve stock or create an order, it is simply a way of gathering products ready to order.


How do I know if a product can be customised?

Items for which artwork can be customised are known Web to print items. When browsing the product list, any Web to print items will have an associated Customise artwork button.

Is all customisation completed within the website?

Yes. When the Customise artwork button is selected, an intuitive editor is displayed which allows you to add required details for the product (for example, to add your contact details to a business card template). For further information please refer to the Customisation topic.

How do I submit my customised artwork for approval?

Having made required changes to artwork, select the Submit artwork for approval option from the Review and submit artwork page. Alternatively, artwork can be saved as an Unfinished project, to be retrieved later. For further information please refer to the Customisation topic.

Can I cancel an artwork submission?

Yes. Once artwork has been submitted it is added to your Pending approval page. From here, select the Cancel submission option and add the artwork to your Unfinished projects.

How will I know when my artwork has been reviewed?

When your artwork is approved or rejected you will receive a notification message within your Approved artwork or Rejected artwork lists.

What should I do if my artwork is rejected?

Any rejected artwork is added to your Rejected artwork list. From here, you can review any Notes that were added by the reviewer regarding the rejection and/or choose to Re-edit artwork and submit it for approval again.

How do I place an order for approved artwork?

Any approved artwork is added to your Approved artwork list. To place an order for an item that has been approved, simply click the Add to basket option for the associated product. The item is added to your basket and you can then choose to edit your basket and process the order in the usual way.


How do I place an order for a stocked item?

To place an order for a stocked item in the product list, simply enter the required quantity in the Quantity field and then:

  1. Click the Add to basket option to add the item to your basket.
  2. Choose to Edit the Basket so you can check the order and delivery address(es).
  3. Select the Proceed to checkout and enter payment details.
  4. Review and confirm the order.

How do I place an order for a print on demand item?

The process for ordering Print on demand items is the same as that detailed for Stocked items.

How do I place an order for a web to print item?

Any Web to print items are associated with Customised artwork which must be approved before an order can be placed. The order process for these items is summarised below:

  1. Locate the required item and customise the artwork.
  2. Submit customised artwork for review.
  3. Wait for notification that the artwork has been approved.
  4. Access your Approved artwork page and add the required quantity to your basket.
  5. Choose to Edit the Basket so you can check the order and delivery address(es).
  6. Select the Proceed to checkout option to select the required Payment type (Purchase order or Credit card) and enter payment details.
  7. Review and confirm the order.

Can I change an order?

An order can be changed at any point up until it is confirmed. To review/amend a current order, select the Basket option, which is available at the top of the page throughout the website. From here, you can change quantities or remove items as required (users with appropriate permissions can also choose to change the delivery address here).

Once an order has been confirmed, it is added to the Open Orders section of the Your account page but it cannot be changed. If there is a problem with a confirmed order, please contact customer services.

How do I cancel an order?

If products have been added to your Basket but the Proceed to checkout option has not been selected, it means that the order has not actually been placed (adding items to your basket does not reserve stock or create an order, it simply gathers products ready to order). If you decide that you do not wish to place an order for items that have only been added to your basket, simply access the basket and select the Clear basket option.

If the Proceed to checkout option has been selected (but the order has not been confirmed), the order should be cancelled. In this situation, select the Cancel order option from the Review and confirm order page and then use the Clear basket option to remove all products from your basket.

If the order has been confirmed (i.e. both Proceed to checkout and Confirm order options have been used), the order cannot be cancelled within the website. In this situation, please contact the customer services team.

How is the delivery address determined for an order?

When creating an order, users with additional permissions can choose to Deliver all items to the same address (and change that address if required) or Deliver order to multiple addresses (and specify different addresses for different items).

Users without these permissions will always create orders for delivery to their own default profile address and this cannot be changed.

Can I reorder a previous order?

Yes. To quickly reorder items from a previous order, select Order history from the Your account drop-down menu (available at the top of the page throughout the website) to view a list of orders.


What kind of approvals are used within the website?

The Web Catalogue may be configured for a number of different types of Approval - namely:

  • Cases where the order is for a Web to print item and therefore Artwork approval is required.

For further information please refer to the About approvals topics.

Who has approval rights?

Approval rights can be granted at different levels - for example, a user with Artwork approval rights may not have equivalent Financialapproval or Registration approval rights.

Does all customised artwork have to be approved?

Yes. Orders for customised artwork can only be placed via the user's Approved artwork page.

How do I access artwork to be reviewed?

Once a user has submitted artwork for review, it is added to the Artwork approvals page to await review. Only users with appropriate Artwork approval permissions can access this page and approve or reject submissions. If approved, the artwork is moved to the owner's Approved artwork page so they can place an order but if artwork is rejected, it is added to the owner's Rejected artwork page. In both cases, the user who placed the order is notified accordingly.

How do I access registrations awaiting review?

When a new user registers for an account, the registration is added to the Registrations approvals page, to be reviewed and approved by a user with sufficient Approval permissions.


When will I receive my order?

Deliveries will be carried out via our selected courier service, and approximate lead times for each item are stated within the product descriptions. Please note that due to products being sourced from different suppliers, products from multi- line orders may arrive separately.